4th Edition

The fourth edition is already better than the third edition, but it is expected to complete all changes only by around March. To order a printed preview copy for $29, please click on lulu. You cannot print a copy this nice for this cheap yourself. The pdf version for download is available on the website, too.

3rd Edition

Download the pdf file

You can the full pdf file for free and print it yourself. Because the book is 768 pages, this should cost you about $20 on your own printer, or $100 at a Kinko type copy shop, printed in B-W. I would advise against printing this at a copy-shop in color, because it is too expensive. However, a good color laser printer may well print this at a modest cost. If you can and your printer accepts it, choose lower-weight paper to reduce the thickness of the book.

Important: The book is now free (as in beer), but it is also still copyrighted (not free as in speech). This means that you cannot host it or distribute it on any other site or via email. Instead, you must obtain the book pdf from this website and from this website only. You are allowed to print it for personal use, but not for redistribution, either. Instructors can be excepted, but only per written or emailed permission from the author (Ivo Welch).

This is also in your own interested. Check the md5sum to make sure you did not download a virus (or infected pdf file).

  009dc229de3011e6f88c83ea19f1c7fc  book.pdf

Order Printed Copies from createspace

You can order the book in Black-and-White in two parts from createspace:

(The book is in two parts because createspace has a printing limit of 640 pages. The print quality is like a B-W copier, but it contains exactly the same text as the nicer color copies [that we ran out of] or the pdf file above.)

Net in net, this should cost you about $70 (inc. s/h).

There are no returns. You are completely responsible for your own order. This is basically a print service that you hire. I am making this available only because it may save you some time and money.

Color Book Prints

Unfortunately, we have now run out of the nice color book prints (distributed through shipwire).

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