These slides are in "Question and Answer" style format. I tend to prefer these over the more traditional "summary slides." I use them in a cold-calling format that motivates students to actively pay attention. They are updated about once a year.

For instructor-related materials related to these slides, please email ivo welch These instructor-support materials remain off-limits to students. Other instructors prefer summary slides. For the summary slides, there is instructor support (but no student support).

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s19-capstruct-nontax.pdf 322K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s18-capstruct-withtaxes.pdf 220K2018-Feb-06 23:18
s17-capstruct-perfectmkt.pdf 153K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s16-capstruct-intro.pdf 170K2018-Feb-06 23:18
s15-comparables.pdf 186K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s14-valuation.pdf 108K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s13-npvapplications.pdf 232K2018-Feb-06 23:18
s12-effmkts.pdf 299K2018-Feb-06 23:18
s11-imperfect.pdf 188K2018-Feb-06 23:18
s10-capm.pdf 258K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s09-benchmarking.pdf 193K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s08-invest.pdf 168K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s07-invintro.pdf 321K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s06-uncertainty.pdf 316K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s05-yieldcurve.pdf 260K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s04-capbudgrules.pdf 193K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s03-perpann.pdf 249K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s02-tvm.pdf 228K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s01-intro.pdf 166K2016-Dec-16 23:40
s00-preface.pdf 188K2016-Dec-16 23:40
finreview.pdf 41K2018-Jan-09 16:46