Past Editions

 All past editions, i.e., not the current edition, are hereby released under the Gnu Free Documentation License.


I want to make it possible to create all kinds of derivative works without much encumbrance. I specifically want to allow creating translations. I specifically want to allow using and reusing chapters, figures, tables, longer sequences like sections, etc. (albeit with source identification) also in the context of other materials, and without having to clear this with me, lawyers, or copyright departments.

What I do not want to allow is:

  1. someone putting words in my mouths (and if I have concerns, I want to be able to contact the author, presumably by email);
  2. someone else copyrighting words that I have written.
I am not opposed to be reuse with attribution, even for commercial purposes.

Specific Conditions

Per the Gnu Free Documentation License:

  • The license must apply to all derivatives.
  • The author and title must not change. The license and title page are hereby declared as invariant sections.
  • There must be a revision log that makes it clear who changed what. For changes in meaning or large sections, there must be easy identification of who was responsible, with a contact source. (There are many ways to accomplish this, e.g., with a different color.)
  • In lieu of the author and title page, for smaller segments than a chapter, clear and unambiguous identification of author and title source is acceptable.
  • Everyone is free to tinker as they wish,

The license allows resale and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

I humbly ask that everyone making changes identify themselves in their text via a contact email address, so that I can reach them if there is a problem.

Copyright (C) -2021. Ivo Welch. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with the Invariant Sections being the font-cover text.

Current Edition

The above license does not apply to the current edition of the book. (Just wait three years and it probably will.)

I hereby allow free reuse of up to 10 pages of material from the current edition of the book under the same license as past editions.

For segments longer than 10 pages, depending on the circumstances, I will also often allow use, but this does require my explicit approval by email.

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