Amazon Paperback Production

I ordered my own copy to test out how good the Amazon print-on-demand product is. It took about one week for the book to arrive. (Use the free online pdf's to bridge you over if need be!) The paperback pages are fairly thick, making it easy to write on them. My Amazon copy suggests that it keeps its page when lying down flat for about 90% of its text without assistance, and a modest weight on the thinner half for the remaining 10%.

I am not responsible for Amazon's printing and distribution processes. Don't credit or blame me. Amazon has good customer service, so if you run into problems, please contact them.

If you like the book, please leave your feedback with Amazon. It will help in my possibly-quixotic fight to push textbook prices down from the $300 (or $100/year) that the big publishers are now charging students for the printed alternatives. Note that my alternative to the big-publisher price of 6-month on-line access for $60/book is my unlimited on-line access for $0/book.

Expect a hardcover version with thinner paper by summer 2023.

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