Ivo Welch, Corporate Finance

Fourth Edition, 2017
Fifth Edition (Preview), 2022
MFE Edition, 2017 for Masters of Finance or Masters of Data Sciences Programs, with extra programming and data resources, 2017.

(Updates in 2022: I will add some more visual and audio multi-media content, with ed.movies. This will include some humourous videos, like the ones linked below, as well as a podcast version of some chapter [to see if there is interest]. The Book Cover for the 5th edition.)


I have various other chapters (e.g., on empirical capital structure in the U.S., governance, international finance, and options), but they are not yet well formatted. Use at your own risk: companion 2020.


An old writeup. Still the right way to teach the wrong model (the CAPM). Never fully developed. Maybe inspirational to some...

Your Own E-Quizzes

If you have a set of quizzes with multiple choice or numerical answers that you designed yourself and that you would like to be coded into an online platform and that you would be happy to share with other instructors, we will code them for you into syllabus.space.

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