Ivo Welch’s Corporate Finance textbook is not only the best finance textbook, but also the cheapest. Where Berk-Demarzo sells for $300+ on Amazon, this comparable Welch textbook sells for $60+s/h=$80. For the poorest of students, it is even available online for free (although it is unreliable and slow).

Do you get what you pay for? Compare for yourself! The book is online for free, and legitimate interested instructors can receive free evaluation copies.

Why so much less? Ask Pearson how they pay for their marketing force. And, this textbook is not only cheaper, it is also unambiguously better.

It has been used at many top-tier and not-so-top-tier finance departments as the key introductory corporate finance textbook. For example, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Berkeley, UCLA, and many more. In direct competition, students always prefer it to the alternatives. The first edition was originally written for Pearson, and two further editions have since come out. There are extensive instructor materials and a comprehensive student self-test website.

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