The Best Widely-Used Corporate Finance Textbook

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On-Line Testing

Two Good Choices Now:

  • student self-testing, course administration;
  • accepi: supported, universal, affordable.


Teaching slides (still on ed4 for now)

Full Instructor Support

Instructor materials are available only to legitimate instructors for university-registered courses If you are a verifiable instructor, please contact for access. (Never accessible to students under any circumstances.)


Check out the coverage and feature comparison for Berk-Demarzo, Brealy-Myers-Allen, Ross-Westerfield-Jaffe, and Welch, and the instructor preface for some further perspectives and comparisons.

I also posted my 2018 presentation to the FMA at here.

Some Reviews

For unvarnished reviews left by readers of my previous edition, feel free to read the bookreviews.html.


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